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The Student Association

James is the Director of Information Technology of the GW student government. Appointed by President Peak Sen Chua, he's charged with making the Student Association more transparent, accountable to students, and responsive to new and innovative ideas.


Meal Deals and affordability

GW is one of the most expensive schools in one of the most expensive cities, in America. Students have made real progress, opening a student-run food pantry and ensuring affordability is one of the most talked-about issues on campus. We created a resource for students to find the cheapest meals on campus and tools to make sure they stay on budget.

petition platform

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GW Listens

Last year, student leaders launched a student-run support hotline. I developed and executed a plan for getting it into the hands of who need it most, and making sure that everyone, no matter their situation, has avenues to reach out that are comfortable for them.

Sa website

Our biggest complaint from students we heard about the Student Association was our lack of transparency. We knew something needed to change. Students can now track legislation, follow the progress of projects, and directly provide feedback, ideas or concerns.